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 (corporate and retail operations)


HIPOTEKARNA BANK offers the broadest possible range of services to its Clients, effectuating their orders and providing cooperation and assistance in their business.

 The Bank and its entire staff ensure consistency in the effectuation of Clients’ orders, protect their interests, and ensure confidentiality of transactions, services and all Client related data, all in line with best international practices and applicable laws and other regulations.

All information on Hipotekarna Bank services for both legal and physical entities are readily available from our officers via e-mail, by telephone or in person, at any of Hipotekarna Bank offices.


BANK FINANCIAL SERVICES – retail operations

  •  Transaction accounts
  • Savings
  • Payment cards
  • Cash loans
  • Consumer loans
  • HB KLIK (electronic banking)
  • mHB KLIK (mobile banking)
  • Custody (investment banking)


BANK FINANCIAL SERVICES – corporate operations

  • Payment operations
  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Custody (investment banking)
  • Payment cards
  • HB KLIK (electronic banking)
  • mHB KLIK (mobile banking)


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