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Payment Operations

The service that no business is possible without!

For your business to become our client, all you need to do is open a business account with us and enjoy the benefits of all our banking services designed for legal entities.

The clients who have business accounts with us have the following services readily available:
  • domestic payment operations service
  • foreign payment operations service
  • electronic banking services

How to open an account?

To open a business account with us, you must provide the following documents:
  • application for account opening and maintenance
  • certificate of Registration with a court register or another register of the relevant authority
  • notification by the statistics office on industry classification
  • certificate by the Public Revenues Directorate on the PIB (Tax Identification Number) issued
  • card holding signatures deposited by the signing authorities (persons authorised to sign orders) (two copies)
  • OP form (holding the signature by the signing authority certified by a relevant court)

The forms provided by Hipotekarna Bank are available free of charge from any of our 18 offices across Montenegro. Locate the one nearest to you here.

Domestic payment operations

Once you have opened your business account with Hipotekarna Bank, you may deposit your founding capital and receive and execute your domestic payment orders.

Statements on any transactions in your account, as well as any receipts on the payment orders received and executed, your balance and transactions statements are available from the counters of our offices, but also electronically, by your e-mail or cell phone.

For information on all business account related fees please see: excerpt from the Decision on Fee Tariffs

The schedule for payment order execution is available in the following document: Term Plan

Foreign payment operations

Our clients have access to our services of foreign payment order receipt and execution, in accordance with the terms set forth by the Central Bank of Montenegro. In addition, our clients may effect conversion into other currencies at minimum commission.

Thanks to Bank’s high foreign currency liquidity and a large network of correspondent banks abroad, client foreign payment orders are executed within the shortest time possible and on favourable terms.
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