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mHB klik

Bank on the go, on your mobile phone.

With mHB klik, a new service in Hipotekarna Bank, you can make all your financial transactions on your mobile phone any time any place, in a simple and absolutely secure way.

Mobile banking service mHB klik allows you to:

  • check your balance and transactions through all your accounts and payment cards
  • make all types of electronic transactions
  • pay all types of bills
  • settle your payment card debt
  • check the deadline for your current account overdraft
  • view currency exchange rates
  • locate all Hipotekarna Bank branch offices, POS terminals and ATMs

All you need for all of the above is a mobile phone using Android or Apple iOS operating system with Internet connection.

Key benefits

  • service is available 24/7
  • service is available no matter where you are, in the country or abroad
  • simple activation and use
  • secure and fast access for a full control of your own finances

How mHB klik is activated

Activation of mHB klik is simple. You can do it at any Hipotekarna Bank office by filing a registration form that you may download from this website or take one from any HB office.

Depending on the operating system of your mobile phone, the installation of mHB klik application is done in one of the following two ways:

  • for mobiles with Android operating system – you download the application from Google Play (also known as Google Store or Android Market in different versions) by entering mHB klik in Search
  • iPhone – you download the application from App Store in your phone or on the Internet using  iTunes, just enter mHB klik in Search

Absolute security

mHB klik gives you absolute security thanks to the advanced security options incorporated in the application:

  • For your access to the application and any transactions, you need authorisation by a single-use PIN that will be delivered to you in a text message
  • Application is automatically logged out after being inactive for 5 minutes
  • Sensitive data on your accounts and transactions are stored in phone temporary memory during the application active session. Once you log out the application, all the data are deleted
  • Application uses HTTPS protocol for data transfer, which allows for a secure flow of information between the bank and your mobile phone



mHB klik fees – physical persons

mHB klik activation

no fee

Monthly fee

EUR 0.8


Monthly fee if used together with mHB klik

EUR 1.5


mHB klik fees – legal persons

HB klik activation

no fee

Monthly fee

EUR 1.8

 Monthly fee if used together with HB klik

EUR 3.2






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