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3D Secure

Secure online purchases service free of charge

3D Secure is a Hipotekarna Bank service offered free of charge to guarantee you additional security for your online purchases effected using Mastercard and Visa cards. The service is limited to web sites covered by Mastercard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa programmes. This service will protect your Mastercard and Visa cards from potential abuse during your online purchases.

All you need to enjoy a carefree online purchases is the following:
  • Hipotekarna Bank Mastercard or Visa payment card
  • Internet store supporing payment via Mastercard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa service

Simple activation of 3D Secure service

The service is not only free of charge but also very simple to activate. When making an online purchase, 3D Secure dialogue box will pop up on the screen to check whether the card is covered by the secure purchase programme. This check can be performed in the two following ways of your choice:

  1. A One Time OTP password, sent by an SMS message and email registered with Hipotekarna Bank. It is a one time password, which means that a new password is generated and sent to you with every new purchase
  2. E-secure password means that having entered your JMBG and mobile phone numbers, you choose a password to use with every new purchase. Access to the password is made available only to you and Hipotekarna Bank, excluding even the websites that purchases area made on.
    • A precondition for access to this service is that you have registered your JMBG (part of standard account or card registration procedure), your mobile number and email address. Should any of the two change in the meantime, you will be asked by Hipotekarna Bank to contact us for an update.
3D Secure service can be used together with your existing Mastercard or Visa card, your computer or mobile phone, with no need for any additional software or application.

Thanks to the service, you have full control over card usage and will prevent any abuse. On top of that, the service user has access to the personal data transfer between him/herself and the bank, beyond reach of the web vendor. All online payments are effected via an activation code or a password accessible to the card user only. Should you forget your password or activation code or where you happen to have entered a wrong number for three consecutive times, the service will be blocked. You will then need to call the Bank Contact Centre to allow you continued access to the service.
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