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Transactional account

A safe place for all your personal revenues

The current (transactional) account is the basic banking service used by all clients of Hipotekarna Bank. This is the account for all your revenues – salaries, pensions, scholarships, and all other regular and occasional income, a secure place where you can keep all your money and where it is available to you at all times.

You can have direct access to your account via HBklik electronic banking service or mHBklik mobile banking service, or by making direct payment orders at counters of our branches in Montenegro.

You can withdraw assets from your account without commission at any of our branches by making a withdrawal order. If along a current account you also have one of our payment cards, you can withdraw cash at our ATMs, commission free, at any time of day, even at weekends and during holidays.

In addition to the account holder, access to the account can also be granted to other persons authorized by the owner. The authorization procedure can be completed quickly at any of our branches, with both the account holder and the person to be granted authorization present.

Current account is an integral part of all our service packages, which include Visa and MasterCard payment cards, additional electronic and mobile banking services, as well as more favorable terms for loans.

Key benefits

  • your salary or pension is always kept in a secure place
  • money from your account is always available
  • all transactions are fast, secure, and made in absolute discretion
  • cash withdrawals and internal bank transfers are commission free
  • all account holders may request an overdraft limit


Overdraft limit 

We know that managing regular income to cover all your needs throughout one month is tough. That is why we are offering an overdraft limit to all our current account holders. It is the simplest and fastest way for you to get additional funds. Unlike loans, it requires no deposits and mortgages, or additional documentation.

To be granted an overdraft limit, you need to direct your regular income, such as your salary or pension, to your current account with Hipotekarna Bank. Once you start receiving your salary through this account, you can file an application for an overdraft limit, and the Bank will set the limit based on your salary.

The limit is granted for a period of up to 12 months. The security instrument required for an overdraft limit up to a monthly salary is the account holder’s bill of exchange. If necessary, the Bank may require additional security instruments. If regular deposits which served as basis for the overdraft limit are no longer made into a current account, the Bank reserves the right to suspend this service linked to a citizen’s current account.

Interest rates and fees relating to overdraft limits are set by the Decision on Bank Interest Rates and Hipotekarna Bank Decision on Fee Tariffs


Transaction account applicable fees


Maintenance of current account per month

EUR 0.90

Cash withdraws at Bank’s counters/ATMs 

no commission

Deposits into accounts with other banks

starting from EUR 0.30

Please see other fees in the Extract from the Decision on Fee Tariffs.



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