HB klik (e-banking)
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hb klik


By this service Hipotekarna banka enables it's clients – account holders to manage their funds for 24 hours, from any place irrespective of Banks’ working hours.


All that client needs is a PC computer connected to Internet. In any time and from any place our Client has a possibility to check his domestic/currency account balance and turnover, make payment transactions from his account, pay all kinds of bills, charges made by his payment cards, pay loans’ installments, commissions etc.

How you can become a HB klik user?


To become a HB CLICK user you need to have:

  • PC computer connected to Internet
  • account opened with Hipotekarna banka
  • application form signed by yourself (it may be signed in any HB branch)

After a client receives HB CLICK Card, this service is activated.
HB CLICK Card serves for user identification and authorization each time when he enters the System of Internet banking. It guarantees the absolute safety and reliability.






Exchange rates

CBCG Exchange Rates on
Jun 30, 2015
*Valid from 00:00 of 30.06.2015.

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