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Gift card

An ideal gift for all occasions

We all know how complicated choosing a gift can be. That is why we have prepared a simple solution - Visa Gift cards, ideal gifts you may use on all occasions: birthdays, holidays, child births, anniversaries, weddings and all other happy events, when you want to give your nearest and dearest or your friends something valuable.

These debit cards are part of an international network and may be used to pay for goods and services at any sales point in the world accepting Visa cards, as well as for your online purchases.

In addition, money in the card may be withdrawn at no commission at any ATM in the country or abroad.

How it works?

You credit the card with an amount that you wish to give, which the new gift-card owner can spend as he may wish.

Key benefits

  • intended for every person
  • you select the amount you wish to give as a gift with the card
  • can be used at any point of sale
  • cash withdrawals without any commission at any ATM in the country or abroad
  • no monthly membership fee
  • initial top-up of the card is free of charge

How it works?

Eligible to use Visa Gift card are all citizens of Montenegro, foreigners employed with embassies, diplomatic and consular representations or foreign nationals residing in Montenegro.

A minimum individual payment into the card is EUR 20, and maximum is EUR 2,000.

The first deposit is free of charge, after which a fee of 1.00% of the payment is charged (minimum EUR 0.50). Visa Gift card issuance fee is EUR 5.

Visa Gift cards are issued for 12 months, and renewed cards are also issued for 12 months.

Visa Gift cards already available on offer are with the standard text (e.g. “Best wishes”), which you can buy at our counters in split second and give it as gift right away.

You can also have a card with a specially designed message up to 20 characters long. The exact wording of the message is entered in the Application Form, together with other details. We also have Visa Gift Photo cards on offer, with a photo of your choice at the front.

N.B. Visa Gift payment card is issued in the name of the client buying the card, and he is the party signing all the required documents.

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