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XL credit package

Get a loan package of EUR 20,000 without guarantors in just 24 hours

For all physical persons who are clients of Hipotekarna Bank and receive their regular salaries through an account with our Bank, but also for our citizens who wish to become our clients, we have prepared a loan package which is unique in the market of Montenegro.

XL loan package allows you to get a loan package of up to EUR 20,000 without guarantor requirements. It may be granted within just 24 hours. Depending on your credit standing, a number of options are available that include the possibility to have part of your loan paid out in cash and additional debits on your accounts and credit cards.

The maximum amount of the loan package is EUR 20,000 and includes a cash loan of EUR 15,000 and an additional debit of EUR 5,000 in the form of an approved overdraft or an installment purchase limit, free of charge and interest free, through your Premium and Relax credit cards of Hipotekarna Bank.

Advantages XL loan package

  • Loan package without guarantor requirements of up to EUR 20,000
  • Simple and fast procedure, with application decisions made within 24 hours
  • Possibility to debit 1/2 of client’s monthly salary
  • Extended repayment term up to as long as 8 years
  • Low interest rates, starting from 8% per annum
  • One-off loan processing fee of just 1%

Loan sample:

  • amount of loan EUR 15,000
  • repayment term of 96 months
  • interest rate of 8.00 % per annum
  • monthly installment (annuity) EUR 209.93
  • one-off fee of 1.00 % EUR 150
  • bill of exchange €2, insight into the CCR €3
  • effective interest rate (EKS) 8.31 % per annum
  • total amount of loan with interest to be repaid EUR 20,153.28 

Loans exceeding EUR 20,000 may be granted against additional security instruments including guarantors, co-debtors, mortgage, etc. 

Loan sample:

Amount of Loan  (€) 

Interest 8% per annum
Repayment term
1 year3 years5 years8 years

Documents required:

  • Loan Application filled out
  • certificate indicating the salary received by the loan beneficiary
  • copy of loan beneficiary’s ID
  • salary attachment for the loan beneficiary and a bill of exchange signed
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