Package for foreign citizens

You are not a citizen of Montenegro, but you own a property in Montenegro? You want to manage your money whenever you want?

By opening a transactional account, you are enabled to pay utility bills in Montenegro in a fast and secure manner.


What are the benefits of the package?
Easy, fast and secure payment of utility bills:
Electricity bills;
Telephone bills;
Water bills;
Cable TV bills;
Payment of property tax;
Other monthly fees.


What does this package contain?
• Transactional accounts for national and international payment transactions;
• Mastercard Porto platinum card with fast contactless payment;
• Free of charge use of the Business Club services at the airports "Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade, "Vienna International Airport" in Vienna and at the Sarajevo Airport;
• Free of charge Generali travel health insurance;
• HB klik/mHB klik;
• HB SMS service;
• Standing order.




How much does it all cost?
Annual package fee is € 50.00.


How do I apply for the package?
You need to visit a branch office of Hipotekarna Banka.


What do I need?