Mastercard Platinum PayPass Porto Premier card

Living in the most beautifull port in Montenegro is not that much of a privilege without MasterCard Platinum card (for all residents of Porto Montenegro).

In partnership with Porto Montenegro we present unique payment card on the Monteengrin market, a new status symbol which carries with itself numerous benefits.

Why do I need this card?  

  • Non cash domestic and international payments with no commission and fees
  • Quick contactless payments, with no need to enter PIN code for small purchases.
  • Online shopping
  • Withdraw your cash at ATMs
  • Free of charge Generalli health insurance
  • Receive a security SMS for every completed transaction
  • instant sales up to 25 % in all stores Hipotekarna Bank has cooperation agreement with on the territory of Montenegro and Porto Montenegro Village itself. 
  • Participation in MasterCard Elite program for all cardholders
Option of using Business Club services free of charge at Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade, Serbia and Vienna International Airport in Vienna,as well as Sarajevo International airport.

How much does it all cost me?
Issuance of primary cardEUR 5.00
Issuance of a secondary cardEUR 2.88
Payments at POS terminalsno commission
Cash withdrawal at Hipotekarna Bank ATMs1.00% (min. EUR 2.00)
Cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks3.00% (min. EUR 3.00)


What should I do in case my card is lost/stolen?  

If your card is lost/stolen in Montenegro or abroad, please report it immediately at +382 19905 (available 24/7/365) or at your nearest branch of Hipotekarna bank.