Mastercard Sticker

Stick your Sticker card on any object you carry with you all the time, tap and pay a bill up to € 15.  

For all those moments in which we cannot find our wallet, cannot remember the PIN, or when we do not have any coins.... there is MasterCard PayPass Sticker which helps you pay all your purchases up to €15.

Why do I need this card?  

  • Non-cash domestic and international payments with no commissions nor fees
  • Quick PayPass contactless payment, with no need to enter your PIN code for small purchases
  • Numerous discounts and advantages for cardholders at Premium partners
  • Payment in instalments
  • Pay your telephone bill at T-Centres and Hipotekarna Bank ATMs without commissions
  • Load your Telekom prepaid account at Hipotekarna Banka ATMs

How do I get this card?
  • You need to be a regular customer of one of the following services of Crnogorski Telekom: internet, fixed services, Extra TV, mobile services (postpaid or prepaid) or mobile internet
  • You need to have an open account with Hipotekarna Bank.


How much does it cost me?
Issuance of card€ 5.00
Monthly membership fee€ 1.50
Payments at POS terminalsno commissions


What should I do in case my card is lost/stolen?  

If your card is lost/stolen in Montenegro or abroad, please report it immediately at +382 19905 (available 24/7) or at your nearest Hipotekarna Bank’s branch.