VISA gift photo card

Now you can have your favourite photo on a card as well, Use every space to remember or give away the most beautiful memories.  

You can enhance your payment experience for yourself and your loved ones. Create  a unique payment card, design it as your wish. You can do it also from home – just one click away from our application. 

How do I customize my card with a favourite photo? 

  • Choose the background for your card
  • Choose a photo for the front page of the card from our gallery or from your private collection (Facebook, desktop etc.) *
  • Edit the photo (scaling, turning, effects) and define the message on the card
  • Add the card to your shopping cart

* JPG, JPEG i PNG are the only allowed formats, dimensions 88x56 mm, resolution 300 DPI. The size of the file cannot exceed 10 MB .

Once you have submitted your order, the Bank will reply on whether the card design has been approved. After receiving positive reply, you need to make the payment following the instructions that you will receive via email. Following the payment, the card will be ready for you to pick it up within three days at the office you have selected on the application.