XL loan package up to 20 000 EUR in just 24h

Instead of runing after your guarantors, catch your dreams. In only 24 hours we grant loans in amounts of up to 20 000 EUR.   

Why XL loan package?  

  • Up to 20 000 EUR 
  • No guarantors needed
  • Granted within 24h
  • You can customize your cash credit amount and other additional  liabilities on your accounts and credit cards
  • Possibility to debit ½ of customer's monthly salary
  • 8 years repayment term
  • Low interest rate of 8% per annum
  • Loan processing fee of 1%

What does it mean on a hypothetical example?
Amount of Loan  (€) 

Interest 8% per annum
Repayment term
1 year3 years5 years8 years


Representative loan example:

  • Loan amount 15.000 EUR
  • Repayment term 96 months
  • Interest rate 8,00 % per annum
  • Monthly installment (annuity) 209,93 EUR
  • One-off loan processing fee of 1,00 % i.e. 150 EUR
  • Bill of exchange  2€, CCR inquiry 3€
  • Effective interest rate (EKS) 8,31 % per annum
  • Total amount of loan with interest to be repaid  20.153,28 EUR

Loans exceeding EUR 20.000 may be granted against additional security instruments including guarantors, co-debtors, mortgage, etc.


What documents are required?
  • Loan Apllication filled out
  • Applicant's statement of financial standing
  • Copy of loan applicant's ID card
  • Salary attachment of loan applicant and a bill of exchange signed


What else do I need to know?
  • The maximum amount of loan package of 20.000 EUR consists of cash loan in amount of 15.000 EUR and 5.000 EUR of additional loan given through overdraft or free of charge limit to purchase with Hipotekarna bank Premium and Relax credit cards. dodatnog zaduženja u vidu dozvoljenog minusa ili besplatnog limita za kupovinu na rate bez kamate sa Premium i Relax kreditnim karticama Hipotekarne banke.
  • Loans exceeding 20.000 EUR may be granted against additional security instruments such as :guarantors, co-debtors, mortgage