Apple PayApple Pay

Hipotekarna banka introduces Apple Pay,

a safe and secure payment method.
Enjoy easy payment.
Apple Pay provides you with fast, safe and easy contactless payment with Mastecard cards issued by Hipotekarna banka.
Apple Pay offers you all the benefits of paying with a card via your iPhone and Apple Watch device in all stores that support contactless payment, on the Internet as well as within applications supporting this service.
Activate Apple Pay
You can use the Apple Pay service every day after adding your card to the Apple device in a few simple steps.
Open the Wallet app
on your Apple device
and click the "+" sign in
the upper right corner.
Select a credit or
debit Mastercard®
card issued by Hipotekarna bank.
Scan the card with the mobile phone
camera or directly enter
the card number and then
follow the instructions on the screen.
After activation, the Apple Pay
service is ready to be used.
Secure and contactless payment
You can use the Apple Pay service for all payments at points of sale that support contactless payments, as well as for online purchases over the Internet.
Every payment through the Apple Pay service is secure, and identification is done through Face ID and Touch ID, which greatly simplifies the payment process.
Payment with Touch ID / Face ID
If you use Touch ID, all you have to do is bring your iPhone to the contactless POS terminal and hold it against it while simultaneously holding your finger on the fingerprint reader on your iPhone.
If you use Face ID, press the button on the right side of the iPhone twice, look at the screen of your phone, and then hold your iPhone against the contactless POS terminal.
Frequently asked questions

The Apple Pay service is not a product of the Bank, but rather an iOS platform that enables Hipotekarna banka's clients an additional contactless payment channel with an Apple device (iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac) and a fast, simple and secure way of performing payment transactions. The service works on the principle of NFC technology for contactless payments.

You can use the Apple Pay service on a mobile phone with an iOS operating system of at least version 8.1 or higher. This version includes the following devices: iPhone 6, iPad mini 3, iPad Pro, Apple Watch 1, and all newer phone, tablet, and watch models. You can also use the Apple Pay service on the iPhone 5 and 5c mobile devices via the Apple Watch.

To make a payment, press the button on the side of your Apple Watch twice, then bring the watch closer to the POS terminal.

No fee is charged for using the Apple Pay service.

Yes, it can. One customer can enter their card into Apple Pay on multiple devices. When registering a payment card in a mobile device, it will be tokenized (the card number is replaced by a unique identification element - a token), which further increases the security aspect of the entire service.

Yes, you can add multiple Mastercard cards to Wallet and choose the default card for payment in the application itself. Also, before the transaction itself, you can choose the Mastercard card with which you want to make the payment. If the selection is not made, the transaction will be made using the default card.

No, the PIN associated with the physical card is never used as an authentication method when paying with Apple Pay. Payment with Apple Pay is always authenticated by one of the set methods of unlocking the screen of the mobile device (fingerprint, face scan or some other methods).

In the Wallet application on your device, you need to select the card you want to deactivate, and then select the option to remove the card.

No, you don't need to be connected to the Internet to use Apple Pay.

Yes, you will receive a notification both in case of successful and unsuccessful transaction.

Yes, the Wallet app shows the last transactions you made with the device through which you access your payment history via the Apple Pay service.

Within the Apple Pay service, you can use:

  • Mastercard Premium card
  • Mastercar Super card card
  • Mastercard Porto Platinum card
  • Mastercard credit card
  • Mastercard Gold credit card
  • Mastercard Business debit card
  • Mastercard Business credit card

If you are a user of Hipotekarna banka's Mastercard payment card, you do not need to additionally contract the service at the Bank's premises. It is enough to activate your payment card using the Wallet application on your Apple device.

The use of the Apple Pay service is free of charge, and the daily limits for its use are equal to the limits you have on your physical card.