Long term loans

Build your business on solid ground. Improve your business in the long run.

Hipotekarna Bank long-term loans provide you with a source of finance for long term sustainable development of your business.

What are these loans intended for ?  

  • Investment in fixed assets (plants, machines, equipment)
  • Investment in permanent working assets (vexicles)
  • Refinancing of current loans

Which are the security instruments?
  • mortgage
  • pledge
  • surety of other legalor physical entity
  • specific purpose deposit
  • other bank's guarantee
  • bill of exchange
  • collection order with authorization


What documents do I need?
  • Client's application
  • Official financial reports for the last 3 year with an overiew of current year
  • Buyers and suppliers overview on 31.12. of last year and current year
  • Overview of liabilities towards suppliers on 31.12. of last year and overview of the current year
  • Immovable property certificate for security instrument offered with movable/immovable property value assesment. 
  • Audit report, where it was mandatory for the past 3 years
  • Consent to access credit registry of the Central Bank of Montenegro (RKR)
  • Depending on the loan repayment schedule, one of hte following documents must also be submitted:
  • Business plan for the period of loan term
  • Balance sheet and income statement projection for the period of duration of the loan