Consumer loan with no need to visit the bank, at 0% interest rate: Hipotekarna Bank and Tehnomax

  • No interest
  • No expenses
  • No need to visit the bank
Hipotekarna Bank, in cooperation with Tehnomax, grants citizens a consumer loan in up to 24 installments, with no need to visit the bank, with no interest, or any additional fees!
Loans granted are from €100 to €3,000, to be repaid over a period from 7 to 24 months.

Who is eligible?

Eligible for this interest free loans in up to 24 installments are:
  • employees whose employers or trade unions have concluded a business cooperation agreement with Tehnomax DOO for retail shopping, and
  • individuals that Tehnomax has a positive experience with in relation to any prior deferred payment purchases.

What is the loan procedure like?

To be granted this loan, you need to:
  • sign a loan application in Tehnomax,
  • present a Certificate of Employment and Salary, filled out and verified by your employer or a Certificate verified by the Pension and Disability Fund in case of pensioners, or a positive recommendation obtained from Tehnomax,
  • ID or another picture identification clearly showing the loan beneficiary’s JMBG number

The loan is granted to the individuals who have met the above criteria. The loan can be concluded solely in Tehnomax once the buyer has provided a security to the loan mediator. Security is in the form of a blank bond with authorization, duly signed by the beneficiary. Following this, the documentation is collected and a loan agreement signed with the buyer.

Sample loan of €1,000

  • amount of loan €1,000,
  • 12 month repayment term
  • 00 % interest rate p.a.
  • loan processing fee 0% (€ 0.00)
  • EIR 0.00% p.a.
  • annuity €83,33.79
  • total loan amount inclusive of interest €1,000.00.