Step in the world of internet commerce.  

e-Commerce service enables the sales of goods/services via the Internet by accepting a Visa/International/MasterCard payment cards as a means of payment at client's Internet point of sale.

Why is this service usefull?  

  • Lower internet point of sale setting up and maintenance cost;
  • Quick and simple sale of goods/services;
  • real time business transaction (just-in-time); 
  • availability to clients 24/7.

What do I need?
  • open account with Hipotekarna bank,
  • have a developed web site (Internet point of sale) with a registered domain in Montenegro);
  • submit the Application Form together with the required documents , and signed eCommerce Service Agreement.


What additional services may I get?
  • complete test environment – test package, test payment cards, access to test authentification and authorization test server;
  • consultancy and complete 24/7 technical support; 
  • Any instructions needed for the Internet point of sale set up in line with Visa/MasterCard rules.

For any additional information, please contact us via e-maila email adresa.