Transactional account (Personal and other Income)


The place where your money feels at home.  

The perfect place for all your income – salary, pension, scholarship, and all other ordinary and non-ordinary income. Your money is available at any moment:

What are the benefits of opening this account?   

  • Your income is safe with us
  • Your income is always available
  • Fast and discrete transactions
  • Free of charge withdrawal and money transfer within bank
  •  Available limit ovedraft up to 12 months


What does direct funds access mean?
  • With the help of e-banking service – HBklik
  • With the help of mobile banking service – mHBklik
  • By providing orders at thte counters in any of the HB’s branches


How much does this all cost?

Maintenance of current account per month

EUR 0.90

Cash withdrawals at Bank’s counters/ATMs 

no commission

Deposits into accounts with other Banks

starting from EUR 0.30

Please see other fees in the Extract from the Decision on Fee Tariffs.