Visa Relax card

For anyone who does not want to always think about every cent, take it easy. Relax with our Visa Relax card – the queen of instalment payment! 

Why do I need this card?

  • Non-cash payment in Montenegro and abroad
  • Possibility for safe online shopping
  • Automatic splitting of the bill into 3, 6 or 12 monthly instalments
  • Minimum amount of a transaction that can be split into instalments is EUR 25,01
  • Available limit increases when every individual instalment is collected
  • Instalments that are not due yet can be repaid early (can be requested in any local/branch office of Hipotekarna Bank)
  • Quick and contactless payment
  • Security SMS for every completed transaction
  • Free insurance

In addition to several options for flexible payment, Visa Relax card also offers two types of insurance, in cooperation with Generali Osiguranje AD Podgorica

- insurance of your flat/house against the risk of fire, explosion, lightning strike, storm, hail and earthquake;

- insurance of emergency interventions in your residential building.

For additional information about the insurance coverage, please call +382 20 444 800 on work days between 08h and 16h, or write to email adresa.

Should you require emergency intervention in your residential building, please call the assistant company Europ Assistance to +382 20 444 890 and follow the instructions.

How much does it all cost?

Fee for issuance of the card EUR 0
Fee for reissuance of the main/additional card   EUR 2,88
Monthly membership fee    EUR 1,00 EUR   
Payment at POS terminals    interest free

*Note: Relax card is used solely for payment at POS terminals or online, and cannot be used for withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Interest free, with one-off fee that depends on the number of instalments:

Transaction amount


Number of instalments

EUR 25,01 – EUR 75

EUR 6 **


EUR 75,01 – EUR 300

EUR 12 **


Over EUR 300,01

EUR 24 **


**The fee and the first instalment are charged immediately from your transaction account, while the remaining instalments become due monthly and charged automatically from your transaction account.