Praise and complaints

Praise and complaints procedure


In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act governing the protection of financial service users, we are hereby informing our clients about the praise and complaints procedure.

Do you feel that in your business dealings with the Bank you were treated with outstanding kindness/care or do you feel that your rights have been violated? When you want to commend the work/service provided to you by one of our individual staff members or when you encounter a conflicting situation, we suggest that you first share/try to solve it in your direct contact with the Bank staff. In most cases, the praise or a conflicting situation can be addressed/resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of both sides.


We suggest that you submit your notification of a praise/complaint concerning the work of our employees or a bank service in writing within maximum 30 days of the date the conflicting event/situation (unless a different term has been agreed upon) occurred. Please indicate whether it is a matter of a praise or complaint and submit it in one of the following ways:

  1. In person or by filling out a form “Clients praise and complaints form” at any of our bank offices.
  2. By sending an email to: email adresa


Your complaint should include a detailed account of the events/situation as well as any proof in support of the allegations. If the account of events or any proof is incomplete, the Bank may request that the client submits supplements to the initial complaint. Failure to submit a complaint within the set deadline shall be interpreted as the approval of the business practices and the client will be understood as not having any additional requirements to the ones arising from the business relations themselves. Where a client submits a complaint on the basis of which its grounds may not be established, the Bank shall invite the client to submit additional documents. Where the client does not use this opportunity within 8 days of the date of such invitation, the Bank shall deem the client to have given up his claim. The Bank may not be held responsible for any harmful effects arising from the client’s belated complaint or any supplements thereto.

The Bank shall notify the client in writing of the admissibility of the complaint and of any measures and steps taken within 15 work days of the date of receipt of such complaint, except where a different deadline is set under general terms and conditions or a regulation governing the specific type of the financial service. In the event of particularly complex complaints or where the procedure involves a third party, the complaints processing procedure may take longer than expected, and we are therefore asking you for your understanding. In that case you will receive information about the reasons for the delay as well as the indication of the term within which a response may be reasonably expected.


The bodies handling complaints procedures and their powers are governed by the Bank’s internal regulations. The Bank shall submit its response to any complaints in the manner in which the complaint was submitted to the Bank or in the way or to an address that the complainant indicates in his complaint, giving due consideration to the need to protect confidentiality and secrecy of data.

The complainant is entitled by law to submitting his complaint to the Bank Ombudsman or seeking protection of his rights with the relevant court.


Please fill out the CLIENTS PRAISE AND COMPLAINTS FORM and email the scan together with any supporting documents to email adresa .