Visa Gift card

Say goodbye to the money in the enveloppe,make customized card a gift, with a unique.

We all know that the most convenient way for us and for the others is to make a gift in cash :at the weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. But sometimes, money in an enveloppe is just too cliche, that is why we offer a creative solution: Visa gift card, with unique message of up to 19 characters.

Visa Gift card

Why is this card a perfect gift?  

  • It is intended for everyone
  • You select the amount you wish to give as a gift with the card
  • Can be used at any point of sale which accepts Visa cards
  • Cash withdrawals without any commission at any ATM in country or abroad
  • No monthly membership fee
  • First loading of the card is free of charge


How much does it all cost?


Fee for issuance/reissuance of the card 

5 €


Fee for issuance/reissuance of photo card 

8 €


Naknada za pojedinacnu uplatu po kartici

1% of the amount, min 0,50€     


Cash withdrawals at Hipotekarna Bank ATMs

interest free


Cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks

1,50% (min 1 €)


Cash advance at Hipotekarna Bank

1,50% (min 1 €)


Cash advance at other banks

1,50% (min 1 €)


Visa Gift Card is valid for 3 years.