mHB klik

Now you can takethe Bank for a walk. Complete all your transactions on your mobile phone.

Mobile banking service- mHB click enables you to

  • Check your balance and transactions through all your accounts and payment cards
  • Carry out all types of electronic transactions
  • Pay all kind of bills
  • Settle your payment card debt
  • Check the deadline for your current account overdraft
  • View currency exchange rates
  • Locate all Hipotekarna Banka branch offices, POS terminals and ATMs

Why is this service usefull?
  • The service is available 24/7
  • Get better transaction fees
  • Service is available no matter where you are, in the country or abroad
  • Simple activation and use
  • Secure and fast access for a full control of your own finances


How do I install the application?
  • Mobile phones with Android OS – you can download the application via Google Play (also known as Google Store or Android Market depending on the OS version) by entering the name "mHB klik" in the search field .
  • iPhone devices – you can download the application via App Store on your phone or via internet by using iTunes, by entering the name mHB klik in the search field.
  • Filled in Application form


How much does it all cost?

mHB klik fees – residental customers  

mHB klik activation

No Fees

Monthly fee

€ 0.8


Monthly fee if used together with mHB klik

€  1.5


mHB klik fees – legal entities

HB klik activation

No Fees

Monthly fee

€  1.8

 Monthly fee if used together with HB klik

€  3.2