Alliance loans

Choose and Drive the Car of Your Dreams!

Alliance and Hipotekarna Bank are introducing the "Choose and Drive" program, aiming to make new cars accessible to the broadest population under the most favorable financing conditions.

With no down payment and a fixed interest rate of 4.99%, we approve loans up to 30,000 EUR for the purchase of a new car.

This special offer includes:

- Promotional prices
- A fixed interest rate of 4.99%
- Up to 30,000 EUR with no down payment
- A large selection of Renault, Nissan, and Dacia vehicles available immediately
- A special gift – registration and comprehensive insurance for the first year
- The option to trade in your existing vehicle.

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Representative loan example
Loan Amount: 30,000.00 €
Repayment Term: 60 months
Interest Rate: 4.99% per annum
One-time Loan Processing Fee: 162.68 €
Bill of Exchange Cost: 6.00 €
RKR Inquiry Cost: 3.00 €
APR: 5.24%
Monthly Installment: 564.48 €
Total Loan Amount with Interest: 33,868.80 €