Visa Sprint card

Catch the fastest wave, pay with Visa Sprint Debit payWave card!  

The feeling of forgetting one item from your grocery store will not bother you anymore;  not needing to enter your PIN code will make the purchase fast and easy. 

Why do I need this card?   

  • Non-cash domestic and international payments without fees and charges
  • Withdraw your cash without fees at Hipotekarna Bank ATMs
  • Internet shopping
  • Quick, contactless payment
  • Allowed overdraft limit
  • Security SMS message for every completed transaction

What do I need to get this card?
  • You need to be a Hipotekarna Banka Client or a lawful age person(resident or non-resident) who wants to open an account with Hipotekarna Bank
  • Completed application form for  Visa Sprint Debit
  • A photocopy of your personal document (ID card or passport)


How much does it all cost?

Fee for issuance of the card € 0.00
Fee for reissuance of the main/additional card€ 2.88
Monthly membership fee€ 0.90
Payment at POS terminals interest free
Cash withdrawal at Hipotekarna Banka ATMs interest free
Cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks3.00% (min € 3)


What should I do in case my card is lost or stolen?  

  • If your card is lost/stolen in Montenegro or abroad, please report it immediately at +38219905 (available 24/7/365 ) or at your nearest Hipotekarna bank branch.