Visa Sprint card

Catch the fastest wave, pay with Visa Sprint Debit payWave card!  

The feeling when you forget one more item from your grocery store does not have to be annoying anymore-  no need to enter your PIN code will make this purchase fast and easy. For all the amount up to 15 EUR you can use contacless payment method. Sounds magical, doesn't it?  

Why do I need this card?   

  • Non cash domestic and international payments without fees and charges.
  • Withdraw your cash without fees at Hipotekarna bank ATMs.
  • Internet shopping
  • quick, contacless payment
  • allowed overdraft limit
  • security SMS message for every completed transaction

What do I need to get this card?
  • you need to be a Hipotekarna bank client or a lawfull age (resident or non resident) who wants to open an account with Hipotekarna bank
  • popunjena pristupnica za Visa Sprint Debit payWave karticu
  • a photocopy of your personal document (ID card or passport)


How much does it all cost?
Issuance of cardno fee
Monthly membership feeEUR 0.80
Payment at POS terminalsno fee
Cash withdrawal at Hipotekarna Banka ATMsno fee
Cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks3.00% (min 3 EUR)


What should I do in case my card is lost or stolen?  

  • If your card is lost/stolen in Montenegro or abroad, please report it immediately at +38219905 (available 24/7/365 ) or at your nearest Hipotekarna bank branch.