Change of PIN at your ATM

Nothing lasts eternal and unchanged, even your PIN number.  

Pin number is no longer ''embedded'' in the stone (enveloppe), you can change it now as many times as you wish.

How can I change my PIN number?  

  • Insert the card into a Hipotekarna Bank ATM
  • Enter your previous PIN and select the option ''Change of PIN''
  • Enter your new PIN and confirm the change by entering you new PIN again

Are there any limits for this activity?  

  • You cannot change your PIN number if your card expires in less than 30 days.
  • You cannot change your PIN if you do not know your current PIN. Make a request at your Bank for a new PIN number.

How much does it all cost?  

  • The fee for PIN change is EUR 1.00. This amount is debited from your card account.