Visa Business Charge

A business payment card for deferred payments!

Designed specially for our clients who have entrusted us with management of their business financial operations, this business payment card offers you some of the benefits of our business cards intended for general population, such as interest free deferred payment.

Who it is intended for?

Visa Business Charge is a payment card intended for legal entities having a current account with Hipotekarna Bank.
A legal entity - cardholder - may request to be issued one or more cards, depending on the number of potential cardholders.

Key benefits

  • electronic payment in the country and abroad with no commission or fees
  • limit is set based on the client’s deposit or standing
  • facilitated monitoring of spending through monthly statements including an overview of spending through payment cards
  • cashout at ATMs carrying Visa logo in the country and abroad, 24/7
  • possibility for user to set a daily limit for card use at ATMs and POS terminals

How it works?

Visa Business Charge is a payment card allowing you to spend your funds up to a set limit, which can be divided into all the cards issued, while your liabilities can be paid on a monthly basis, interest free, up to the 21st of the current month for any expenses made in the previous calendar month.

The total limit for a legal entity is set by the Bank based on the credit standing of the legal entity - cardholder. In the event of a card theft or abuse, the funds in the main account of the legal entity may not be abused since the card is not directly linked to it.
The card can be used in the network of POS terminals and ATMs in the country and abroad, at all points of sale carrying Visa logo, i.e. at a total of 24 million POS and 850 thousand ATMs around the world.

The card can also be used for online purchases. We recommend that you limit your transactions to websites using CVV standard for confirmation of cardholder identity.

If your card is lost/stolen in the country or abroad, please report it immediately at +382 19905 (available 24/7/365) or at our office nearest to you.

Applicable fees 

Issuance of cardEUR 3.00
Monthly membership feeEUR 3.00
Payment at POS terminalsno commission
Transactions at Hipotekarna Bank ATMs 2 % (min. EUR 2.50)
Transactions at ATMs of other banks3.50 % (min. EUR 5)
Regular montly interest rate0 %
Default montly interest rate1.49%