A bridge made of flowers, love and friendship

A bridge made of flowers, love and friendship

As part of the „Rosa Canina-Dog-rose“ event, and thanks to the assistance of two amazing ladies, Olivera Vukadinovic and Andrijana Kadija, as well as Hipotekarna Bank, the town of Šavnik got the bridge made of flowers, love and friendship! This is just the beginning of the activities towards Beautiful Montenegro, under the project bearing the same symbolic name.



Tourists and citizens make attractive photographs daily of the bridge and the lock of luck, unique in this region and beyond, hand made, specially designed for the Šavnik bridge.


"Rosa Canina-Dog Rose" project is a way to brand the town by using the image of rosa canina, i.e. dog-rose, here, in its natural habitat.


The announcement says that the project, which includes dog-rose plantation, collection of other local medicinal herbs, their processing and market placement, will grow into a realistic economic and environmentally friendly foundation for sustainable development of this area.


“The development plans include opening of the following: Nature House, to house the dog-rose processing plant, exhibition and sales stands, Book House, seated at the reconstructed house of the famous writer Borislav Pekic, Sports House, with sports grounds, cycling ang jogging tracks, viewers stand, dressing rooms and a gym”, say members of Rosa Canina Creative Team.


The project is expected to recruit around 30 staff and outsource many more in the surrounding area. The minicipality of Šavnik hopes for support from line ministries, international funds, and the North Development Fund, for it to launch the project.