Announcement: Limited use of ATM cards overseas

Announcement: Limited use of ATM cards overseas

Dear clients,


We are informing you that in order to protect our clients from payment cards' fraud, Hipotekarna bank has limited usage of Visa and Master cards on ATM machines in the following states: 

  • Puerto Rico, Peru, Maldives, PR China, Bangladesh, Philipines, India, Malaysia, Shri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia and South Korea.

In case you are still intending to use your payment card in the above mentioned states, and in order to have its smooth usage, please contact our Call centre  (+382202) 19905 or write us an e-mail at email adresa.


The usage of your payments card on Point of Sale (POS) terminals in the above mentioned states is without restrictions.

Thank you for your understanding,