Announcement - payment of bond interest

Announcement - payment of bond interest


  • Payment of interest on Hipotekarna Bank bonds
  • €300,000 for semi-annual interest

This Wednesday, 1 June 2016, Hipotekarna Bank a.d. Podgorica is starting  the payment of semi-annual interest on bonds issued in November 2014. The total interest the Bank will pay out to investors is €300,000, or 3% semi-annually.

Hipotekarna Bank is the only bank in Montenegro’s banking sector to have successfully issued bonds in the open market. The Bank had 10 million euro worth of issuance, with the bonds fully sold, which speaks of the trust investors lay in Bank’s future business operation. Another fact in support of the trust won among investors is that Hipotekarna Bank bonds are among most traded bonds in the secondary market of Montenegro Stock Exchange.