Announcement: Savings week from 31st October until 6th November

Announcement: Savings week from 31st October until 6th November


  • Hipotekarna bank participating in ''Savings Week''
  • Hipotekarna bank grants 200 eur for newborns born between 31st October until 6th November
  • Interest rates on USD savings 0,8 %

Hipotekarna bank will again this year, as a part of our socially responsible activities, participate in a joint action of granting savings booklets to newborns, born in Montenegro between 31 october until 6 november 2017 as a part of celebration of Savings day.

The children who were born in this period will be richer for 200 eur, donated by Hipotekarna bank, which will be deposited to their savings accounts (opened by their parents) together with 200 eur from the Central bank of Montenegro. These 400 EUR will have a fixed time deposit of 1 year, after which the parents can withdraw any amount or re-deposit the funds again in their childrens' savings account.

Celebrating the World Savings day, Hipotekarna banka has decided to raise its yearly interest rates on USD savings accounts during the months of October and November, to 0,8 %. It is currently the highest USD interest rate for this sort of savings, because its yearly rate can be found to range between 0,00 % to 0,75 % elsewhere.

We remind you that the World Savings day was established on 31st October 1925 during the First International Savings bank Congress in Milan by representatives from 25 countries.
Savings week is celebrated globaly from 31st October until 6th of November.