Announcement: The Savings Week from 31 Oct to 6 Nov

Announcement: The Savings Week from 31 Oct to 6 Nov


  • Hipotekarna Bank in “Savings Week” campaign
  • Hipotekarna Bank donates €200 to babies born in the week of 31 Oct - 6 Nov
  • 3.2% term deposit interest rate ranks among the most favourable ones
  • to date, some €14,000 allocated for savings incentives
For four consecutive years Hipotekarna Bank has been joining the Central Bank of Montenegro campaign of donating savings books to babies born in week of 31 Oct - 6 Nov 2016. On top of €200 donated by the Central Bank, Hipotekarna Bank will donate another €200 for any baby whose parents open a savings account with the bank. As a reminder, the 3.2% interest rate on term deposits is among the most attractive ones in the Montenegrin market.

In the past three years, Hipotekarna Bank has allocated for this purpose €14,000, i.e. parents of 70 babies born in the Savings Week have opened savings accounts wtih the bank.

The Savings Day was established on 31 October 1925 at a convention held in Milan and gathering bankers from 25 countries across the world. The Savings Week is organised on 6 November ever since.