Hipotekarna bank and Crnogorski Telekom presented their new co-product - Premium Gift Card

Hipotekarna bank and Crnogorski Telekom presented their new co-product - Premium Gift Card

  • Hipotekarna bank and Crnogorski Telekom presented Premium Gift Card
  • The first card which does not require going to the bank and filling in the forms
  • Sales up to 30 % in over 1200 stores in Montenegro
  • Perfect for gift, pocket money or online purchase

Hipotekarna bank and Crnogorski Telekom have presented today Premium Gift card, the first card which does not require going to the bank and signing the contract, which offers various benefits to its users, including sales of up to 30% in over 1200 stores in Montenegro, which are available as a part of Premium programme.

Premium Gift card will be availbale in following amounts: 20,50,100 and 150 EUR, and it can be used for payments in country and abroad in stores with Mastercard logo, as well as for online payments. The card is perfect for gifts, childrens' pocket money, online purchases and payments, for tourists, and for everybody who simply want to save with purchasing with various discounts available in Premium programme.
Miss Gordana Spahic, the head of marketing in Crnogorski Telekom, has stated that the colaboration on Premium Programme started in 2011, when Crnogorski Telekom and Hipotekarna bank launched their first co-brand benefit Premium card, which set new standards on Montenegrin market.

''Premium programme today gathers over 450 partners, Premium MasterCard is the most popular payment card in Montenegro, which is used by over 21 thousands clients. I believe that with Premium Gift card we have responded to the needs of our domestic customers, and once again demonstrated our programme's innovation''- said Mrs Spahic.

Mr Nikola Spadijer, a head of retail sector in Hipotekarna bank has stated: ''Hipotekarna bank once again pushes the limits and anchors itself as an innovation leader at the Montenegrin bankig market,specially referring to the branch of payment card business. Together with our partner Crnogorski Telekom we will continue to offer new products and services which will greatly contribute to our clients' satisfaction. We are sure that through its availability and user friendly features, Premium Gift Card will meet the needs of its present and future owners.

The interested users can buy their cards in T-centers, branches of Hipotekarna bank and Voli supermarkets, one special benefit of this card is that you can activate it immediately, at the place of purchase. One time fee which is charged upon card activation is dependent on the card amount, and varies from 1,2,3, to 4 EUR. You can check your account balance any time using Premium programme application, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The card is valid 12 month upon activation, and the user can withdraw the available balance in Hipotekarna bank.

For further info about Premium Gift please visit:http://hipotekarnabanka.com/en/en/payment-cards/mastercard-premium-gift