Hipotekarna Banka launches payment via mobile phone using MojNovčanik app

Hipotekarna Banka launches payment via mobile phone using MojNovčanik app

  • A single PIN for all cards

Hipotekarna Bank launched a new, free-of-charge app for mobile phones, which allows payments via mobile phones using the NFC technology, called MojNovčanik (My Wallet). In cooperation with Mastercard, this Bank has continued to introduce the latest technological innovations to the Montenegrin banking market.

Their leading role has now been confirmed by introducing the MojNovčanik app for Android mobile phones with built-in NFC support, which allows contactless payments on POS terminals which accept Mastercard payment cards. The advantage of this app is that it is available to anyone who owns a Visa or Mastercard payment card issued anywhere in the world.

In order to use the advantages of mobile payment, the users need to download and install the MojNovčanik app from Google Play Store and start the app. Inside the app, the users create their own virtual card, or several, if they so require, by entering information from the physical card in the given fields, and setting the numerical code for verification – mPOS, which can be used for any card the client decides to keep in their wallet.

The safety of the app is in accordance with the highest standards of international payment card organisations, and this is also the market premiere of the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) payment security platform.
MDES uses the most advanced payment technologies – EMV chip, tokenisation and encryption – in order to ensure the security of card beneficiaries. All Mastercard transactions via the MDES service are protected by standardised tokens.
A token is a set of numbers that a mobile device uses instead of the number of the card printed on the plastic card – this means that the number of the card is never shown, stored or shared with anybody, which means that it is safer for customers.
Contactless mobile payment is done by placing the mobile phone on the contactless terminal, just as the customers already do when paying by contactless cards.

“The new app, MojNovčanik, allows quick, secure and contactless payment with mobile phones. The MojNovčanik app shows that Hipotekarna Bank designs its services in accordance with the latest international technologies, providing its clients with safety and security. Starting from today, your mobile phone can also serve as your wallet, which will significantly save time. Another major advantage is that you will have only one PIN code for payments with all cards saved in the MojNovčanik app”, stated Sejad Šehić, Director of Card and Advanced Sales Channels Department of Hipotekarna Bank.

“We are excited for the first implementation of our MDES service in the market of Montenegro and we can truly say that the future of payment is becoming reality”, stated Jelena Ristić, Marketing Director for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in Mastercard. “Mobile payment is the leading trend in payment industry, and the launch of this service in Montenegro proves that citizens are ready to quickly adopt solutions which enable simpler, faster and easier day-to-day functioning, and that the market is ready to respond to the needs of card users.”

MojNovčanik app can also be used by those who are not clients of Hipotekarna Bank – another advantage of this app is that it is available to clients of any bank in Southeast Europe, and that it can store Mastercard cards, and cards of other brands. It is possible to manually add cards of any other domestic or international bank or the virtual Mastercard Premium Gift payment card to MojNovčanik. The virtual Mastercard Premium Gift payment card can be purchased through the app with the previously entered Visa or Mastercard cards. Virtual cards of 20, 50, 80, 100 and 150 euros are on offer.

There are no additional expenses when paying using the MojNovčanik app.