Prize winners of Mastercard giveaway contest "FROM BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE TO RED CARPET"

Prize winners of Mastercard giveaway contest "FROM BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE TO RED CARPET"


The lucky winners of Hipotekarna bank's giveaway contest for its Mastercard cardholders - „From black and white movie to red carpet”, have been drawn.

The right to participate in this giveaway contest was reserved to all bank's clients (natural persons) who have been using their Mastercard in the period from 01.06.2018.  until 30.06.2018. in one of the following ways:

  • Paying at Hipotekarna bank's POS terminals
  • Paying via Hipotekarna bank's internet service e-commerce.

The award winners are:

Half year of  "Cineplex package" - (includes 6 tickets for two persons)
Name, surname and card number:

  1. TUNA RAFAEL, 516971******1396
  2. MEDENICA MARINA, 516971******4660
  3. GILJEN VLADAN, 516971******7136
  4. SISEVIC KRISTINA, 516971******7295
  5. DRAGUTINOVIC MARKO, 516971******9974
  6. DJUROVIC VESNA, 516971******9322
  7. ZOGOVIC DANIJELA, 516971******2363
  8. DJUROVIC SNEZANA, 516971******0974
  9. IVANOVIC IVAN, 516971******7902
  10. PEJOVIC DALIBOR, 516971******5224

Yearly HBO package (Extra TV service)
Name, surname and card number

  1. MITROVIC ANA, 516971******8373
  2. RADULOVIC MILICA, 516971******9137
  3. RECKOVIC ANISA 516971******8570
  4. PJESCIC RADOMIR, 516971******1956
  5. DEDIVANOVIC VESNA, 516971******1560
  6. BOSKOVIC RAJKO, 516971******7826
  7. PETRIC SVETLANA, 516971******8287
  8. BRAJOVIC SLAVKA, 516971******1663
  9. KORAC ELVIRA, 516971******6452
  10. RADETIC MARINA, 516971******4963

Private film screening in Cineplexx Delta Centre
Name, surname and card number
1. KRIVOKAPIC ANDREA, 516971******1982

Journey to Venice Film Festival for two persons
Name, Surname and card number
JOKANOVIC DUSAN, 516971******7093

List of winners and their drawing will be available  on web site

Deadline for claiming the awards is:
• Principal award 4 July  2018. 
• Other awards 16 July 2018.

Prize winners will be contacted at phone number they provided.