Summer Internship Programme

Summer Internship Programme



from Press Conference held on 26 February 2015

  • Hipotekarna Bank awards scholarships to university students
  • 20 thousand euros awarded for summer internship programme in prestigious companies in Milan
  • Promotion of “Learning by Doing”

Hipotekarna Bank, in cooperation with Career Paths, provided funds totalling 20 thousand euros for two scholarships intended for students from Montenegro universities. The scholarship programme includes a two-month summer internship in renowned companies in Milan. This was promoted today at a press conference in Podgorica attended by Hipotekarna Bank representatives but also professors and students of the departments that the scholarships are intended for.

“Strategic investment in technology, continuous education and training of staff is one of the key factors that the success of the Hipotekarna Bank relies on. We are trying to share the benefit of successful business operations with the community through numerous corporate responsibility initiatives that we design and participate in”, said Nikola Spadijer, the director of retail sector.

He also noted that Hipotekarna Bank constantly invested in education of youth who see the banking sector as a place where to achieve their ambitions.

“This programme is unique as it involves a two-month summer internship programme to be implemented in Milan. Internship will be fully tailored to the students and will follow the “Learning by Doing” model. Depending on the profile of the selected students, internship will be organized in one of the most renowned Italian or international companies”, said Mr Spadijer.

The scholarship is worth 8,200 euros per student. To make sure the students are free of any burden and any other obligations during the two months, the Hipotekarna Bank is also covering the cost of the plane ticket and subsistence costs of 1,500 euros.

We are sure the students will recognize and use this opportunity to be participants of one of the most prestigious student scholarship programmes in Montenegro”, said Ms Ana Ristic, Hipotekarna Bank marketing director, in her presentation on the scholarship terms and requirements.

Eligible for this scholarship are full-time students, Montenegro nationals, from any of the following categories:

  • IV-year students of Podgorica School of Economics, Department of Finances and Banking,
  • III-year students of University of Donja Gorica, Department of International Economy, Finances and Business
  • IV-year students of Specialist Programme of Studies, Department of International Economy, UDG
  • III-year full-time students of Mediteran University, Department of Financial Management
  • IV-year students of Specialist Programme of Studies, Mediteran University, Department of Financial Management

The age limit is 23, and the average grade must be over 8.5.

Every student will go through the mentoring process during their summer internship. This includes career counselling, training, assessment, and mock interviews. Every student will be assigned a Career Paths Trainer expert who will provide the tools and skills that are prerequisite to the student success. The mentoring process will end by mock interviews in order to help students build self-confidence and improve their response at business interviews. During this internship, students are also taught to recognize their own values, to explore their own interests and capacities, shape their future accordingly, and start designing their own projects. Together with their personal Career Trainer expert, every student will evaluate and assess their interests, skills and values.

In addition, students will use their direct individual contacts with the experts to inform them about the area they are interested in. The professionals with long years of service will be ready to assist the students in identifying their specific interests. In addition to the eight-week long internship in the selected company, students will have an opportunity to take part in numerous business events as well as to learn about the cultural and historical heritage of Milan and Lombardia region.

“All interested students may apply for this unique scholarship via a specialised web portal where in addition to the application form, they can also find all the other details about this summer internship programme. The deadline for applications is 12 March 2015. The applicants need to be competent in English. Hipotekarna Bank and Career Paths will be committed during both the application process and the summer internship to helping interested students as well as those selected and take any questions they may have throughout the process”, pointed out Ms Ristic.