Premium Mastercard card

It is perfectly possible to spend and to save. Purchase with Premium Mastercard card and use various discounts and other numerous benefits.  

You can get your Premium card if you already have an account with Hipotekarna Banka. 

Why do I need this card?  

  • Discounts of 30% at more than 2000 stores across Montenegro
  • Up to 24 
  • Non-cash domestic and international payments without fees and commisions
  • Free of charge cash withdrawal at Hipotekarna Bank's ATMs
  • Quick PayPass contactless payment, with no need to enter your PIN number for purchase to 40 €
  • Online shopping
  • Free insurance - choose 2 insurances out of 4 
  • Receive a security SMS message for every completed transaction
How do I get this card?

To be issued a Premium Mastercard card, please submit the following documents to one of our offices:

  • Filled in application form for a Premium card
  • Photocopy of a personal document (ID card or passport)


How much does it all cost?

Card issuance fee     

No fees

Monthly membership fee

€ 0.88

Payment at POS terminals

No commissions

Cash withdrawals at Hipotekarna Banka ATMs

No commissions

Cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks

3.00 % (min. € 3)


What do I do in case my card is lost/stolen?  

If your card is lost/stolen in Montenegro or abroad, please report it immediately at +382 19905 (available 24/7) or at your nearest branch of Hipotekarna Banka.

Official presentation of Premium program.