We are by your side in the air and on the ground! Your financial support during your studies at SMATSA Aviation Academy.    

What are the loan requirements?
  • Loan to mortgage ratio: 1:2
  • Credit rating: 1/2 of personal income to cover annuity
  • Disbursement: One-off, with the possibility of disbursement up to 25% of the amount of granted loan in cash,
  • Security instrument: Registration of mortgage, personal bill of exchange of a beneficiary and guarantor
  • Garnishment of salary of a loan beneficiary


What else do i need to know?
  • Loan Beneficiary must be a parent and student must be a Guarantor
  • The parent must receive personal income via Hipotekarna Bank
  • Fees to be covered by the loan beneficiary: valuation and insurance of the real estate, notary public – verified lien statement, mortgage registration, enquiry into the loan register (CCR), bill of exchange.


What does it mean on a hypothetical example?

Amount of Loan:

up to €40,000.00

Repayment Term:

up to 96 months

Grace Period:

up to 2 years (payment of interest during the grace period)

Interest Rate:

 8% per annum


  0.5% paid as a one-off fee