Tips, PIN, 3D Secure

Tips for card users

Follow our professional advice and use your card properly, free of worries

The number of issued payment cards and their use at points of sale and ATMs is continuously growing, while security threats to your cards and money are becoming an ever more burning issue. That is why we have prepared some useful and simple tips for you to follow for using your cards at ATMs and points of sale securely.

First of all, we provide HB-SMS service to all our card users: the moment you complete a transaction, you will receive an SMS message on your phone reporting the change in your account balance, and the time and place of the transaction. In this way, you know no one is using your card without authorization. If you get a message on the transaction you have not authorized, you must contact us immediately in order to prevent further damages. For more information on HB-SMS, please view HB-SMS service. 

Advice on how to protect your card and prevent misuse

Keep you card in your wallet or other secure place.

Keep you card separately from your PIN.

The magnetic stripe at the back of the card is very sensitive. You need to protect it from physical damage (e.g.scratching), electromagnetic radiation, humidity, etc. 


When you receive your PIN from the Bank, try to remember it, and destroy the envelope carrying the PIN.

Never note your PIN down, especially not on papers and documents you carry around with you.

If you suspect someone knows your PIN, contact the Bank and request a new PIN or change it at one of our ATMs.

When using an ATM, try to shield the screen from view by using your body when selecting options shown on the screen, and when entering your PIN, shield the ATM keyboard by covering it with your hand.

Using an ATM

When using an ATM, pay close attention to the surroundings and people around you.

If a person standing next to you behaves suspiciously or indecently, pushes you or does anything threatening, you should try to abort the transaction.

If you notice something suspicious in the ATM (e.g. additional equipment installed), cancel the transaction and immediately inform the nearest Bank branch or call our Call Center at 19905.

Do not accept assistance from anyone. If you are not sure about how to use the ATM, contact the Bank’s staff, and we will give you all the necessary information and instructions.

If the ATM does not return the card, please notify the nearest Bank branch or call our Call Center at 19905. 

Points of sale, shops, restaurants, etc.

Look after your card and keep your eyes on it during a transaction. This particularly applies to restaurants and shops where POS terminals may be at a greater distance from the cashier’s desk. 

If a POS terminal is at a distance, insist that the merchant completes the transaction in your presence only.

Card missing or lost

If your card is missing or lost, please report it immediately to the nearest Hipotekarna Banka office, to another bank carrying Visa or MasterCard logo, or call our Call Centre at 19905.


Change of PIN at your ATM
In order to increase security of our customers and their assets, but also to make banking cards easier and simpler to use, we give all our Visa and MasterCard holders a possibility to change their PIN at Hipotekarna Bank ATMs.

Up until recently, PIN were issued as a permanent access code, i.e. the holder used the PIN received from Hipotekarna Banka together with the card, in a protected envelope. Now, card owners can change their PIN as many times as they need and want.

How do you change a PIN?

  1. Insert the card into a Hipotekarna Bank ATM
  2. Enter your previous PIN and select the option “Change of PIN”
  3. Enter your new PIN and confirm the change by entering your new PIN again.
With this, your PIN change procedure is complete. As a confirmation of the change, the ATM will produce a receipt, which you may keep for your own record.


PIN cannot be changed if your card’s expiration in under 30 days. This restriction is introduced to allow smooth reissuance procedure of your card. Once you have your card reissued, you can change your PIN at your convenience. 

The change of PIN is not possible if you do not know your existing PIN. In such circumstances, you need to request a new PIN from the Bank.

When selecting a new PIN, do not opt for simple combinations, e.g. 1234. Select a combination which you associate with something of personal relevance.

Cost of service

The fee for PIN change is € 1.00. This amount is charced on your card account. This service is available 24/7.


3D Secure

Secure online purchases service free of charge

3D Secure is a Hipotekarna Banka service offered free of charge to guarantee you additional security for your online purchases executed with Mastercard and Visa cards. The service is limited to web sites covered by Mastercard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa programmes. This service will protect your Mastercard and Visa cards from potential abuse during your online purchases. 

All you need to enjoy a carefree online purchase is the following: 
  • Hipotekarna Bank Mastercard or Visa payment card
  • Internet store supporting payment via Mastercard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa service

Simple activation of 3D Secure service

The service is not only free of charge but also very simple to activate. When making an online purchase, 3D Secure dialogue box will pop up on the screen to check whether the card is covered by the secure purchase programme. This check can be performed in two alternative ways: 

  1. A One Time OTP password, sent via SMS message and email registered at Hipotekarna Bank. It is a one-time password, which means that a new password is generated and sent to you with every new purchase.
  2. E-secure password means that having entered your JMBG and mobile phone numbers, you choose a password to use with every new purchase. Access to the password is made available only to you and Hipotekarna Bank, excluding even the websites that purchases are executed on.
    • A precondition for access to this service is that you have registered your JMBG (part of standard account or card registration procedure), your mobile number and email address. Should any of the two information change in the meantime, you will be asked by Hipotekarna Banka to contact us for consequentupdates.

3D Secure service can be used together with your existing Mastercard or Visa card, your computer or mobile phone, with no need for any additional software or application. 

Thanks to the service, you have full control over card usage and will prevent any abuse. On top of that, the service user has access to the personal data transfer between him/herself and the bank, beyond reach of the web vendor. All online payments are performed via an activation code or a password accessible to the card user only. Should you forget your password or activation code or in case you were to entere a wrong number for three consecutive times, the service will be blocked. You will then need to call the Bank Contact Centre to allow you continued access to the service.