Social responsibility

Hipotekarna bank is very dedicated and proactive in its activities regarding corporate social responsibilities.

We strive to be fully dedicated to our clients and community in which we succesfully operate.

We establish and build partnerships with various entites from various calls of life : health, education, culture, sports and with NGO representatives.

Do well by doing good is our mission-which we strive to apply in field we operate in, and social responsibility is a crucial part of it.

We are specially proud of our employees who actively participate in these activities, which only proves that we live our mission.

Our relationship to corporate social responsibility is recognized, we have been awarded for our work with ISKRA prize, which in the field of corporate philantrophy is given by NGO FAKT. We have also received award from Montenegro employers' federation for activities in this field.

These awards have only given us an incentive to be even more DEDICATED TO YOU!