Tips for card users

The safety of the money does not only lie in the place it is being kept, but it depends also on the way it is being kept. Here are some of the most important tips on how to safely use your card.  

Protect your card

  • Keep your card on a safe place and separately from your PIN number.
  • Protect the magnetic stripe at the back of your card from physical damage, humidity, electromagnetic radiation etc.

Protect your PIN number

  • When you get your PIN number, memorize it and destroy the envelope.
  • Do not write your PIN number
  • When using an ATM, try to cover with your hand the ATM keyboard while entering your PIN number.

Using an ATM

  • Should you notice any suspicious or indecent behaviour around you, or you notice an additional equipment installed in the ATM machine, immediately quit the transaction.
  • Whether you are not sure how to use an ATM, please address the Bank's personnel who will provide you with all the necesarry info and guidelines.
  • If the ATM does not return the card, please notify the nearest Bank branch or call our Call Center at 19905.

Point of Sales security:

  • look after your card and keep your eyes on it during a transaction.
  • If a POS terminal is at a distance, insists that the merchant completes the transaction in your presence only.

* if your card is missing or lost, please report it immediately to the nearest Hipotekarna Bank office, to another bank carrying Visa or MasterCard logo ot contact the Call Centre at 19905.