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Change of PIN at your ATM

In order to increase security of our customers and their assets, but also to make banking cards easier and simpler to use, we give all our Visa and MasterCard holders a possibility to change their PIN at Hipotekarna bank ATMs.

Up until recently PIN has been issued as a permanent access code, i.e. the holder used the PIN that he received from Hipotekarna Bank together with the card, in a protected envelope. Now card owners can change their PIN as many times as they need and want.

How do you change a PIN?

  1. Insert the card into a Hipotekarna Bank ATM
  2. Enter your previous PIN and select the option “Change of PIN”
  3. Enter your new PIN and confirm the change by entering your new PIN again.
With this, your PIN change procedure is complete. As a confirmation of the change, the ATM will produce a receipt, which you may keep for your own record.


PIN cannot be changed if your card expires in under 30 days. This restriction is introduced to allow smooth reissuance procedure of your card. Once you have your card reissued, you can change your PIN at your convenience.

The change of PIN is not possible if you do not know your existing PIN. In such circumstances, you need to request a new PIN from the bank.

When selecting a new PIN, do not opt for simple combinations, e.g. 1234. Select a combination which you associate with something of personal relevance.

Cost of service

The fee for PIN change is EUR 1.00. This amount is debited from your card account. This service is available 24/7/365.
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