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Saturday, May 27th, 2017.

ANNOUNCEMENT on XIX regular session convened

Pursuant to Articles 31 and 41(1) of the Articles of Association of Hipotekarna Bank AD Podgorica, and in accordance with Art. 36(6) of the Companies Act (“Official Gazette of RMNE”, No. 06/02, “Official Gazette of MNE”, Nos. 17/07, 80/08, 40/10, 73/10, 36/11 and 40/11) and the Resolution by the Board of Directors to convene the XIX regular General Meeting of Shareholders of Hipotekarna Bank AD Podgorica No. 02-6589/2 dated 25 May 2017, the following
Wednesday, March 1st, 2017.

Announcement: Transfer of Funds (HBklik, mHBklik and mPremium)

A new functionality of HBklik, mHBklik and mPremium applications is that as of now our clients will use the field Account to directly type in the transaction account number that they want to transfer their funds to (giro, current or foreign currency accounts, credit sub-account, cummulative savings, guarantees, card, etc).
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