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Šume IV klaseBar11882€
Residential propertyBar357760€
Business place BarBar61363€
Business place BarBar50400€
Residential buildingBar73040€
Residential buildingBerane28595€
LandBijelo Polje8117€
Residential buildingBijelo Polje8500€
Land, house, buildingBijelo Polje6930€
Land, buildingBijelo Polje6146€
LandBijelo Polje54180€
LandBijelo Polje3200€
LandBijelo Polje9696€
LandBijelo Polje5846€
LandBijelo Polje5625€
Land,houseBijelo Polje15913€
LandBijelo Polje8722€
LandBijelo Polje4705€
LandBijelo Polje6214€
Residential property, landNiksic34100€
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