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e-Commerce service enables the sales of goods/services via the Internet by accepting a Visa/International/Master Card payment cards as a means of payment at client Internet point of sale.
The service enables the clients to sell goods/services on their Internet point of sale to buyers from across the world with a secure means of payment and with no time limits.

Benefits of e-Commerce service

  • lower Internet point of sale setting up and maintenance cost;
  • sale of goods/services fast and simple;
  • real time business transactions (just-in-time);
  • 24/7 availability to clients.

Hipotekarna Bank enables its e-Commerce clients to accept payments made by PREMIUM cards (discounts, installments) at their Internet points of sale.

Eligibility requirements

To introduce E-Commerce service a client must:

  • have an account open with Hipotekarna Bank,
  • have a web site (Internet point of sale) developed;
  • submit the Application Form together with the required documents, and sign an eCommerce Service Agreement.

Hipotekarna Banka ad Podgorica maintains the right to request additional documents (information, licences) from the client during application processing.

Secrutity aspects and technical support

Implementation of Hipotekarna Bank e-Commerce Service at the Internet point of sale is absolutely secure and in compliance with Visa/MasterCard security standards.

During the implementation, which is very simple, the Bank provides the client with the following:

  • complete test environment - test package, test payment cards, acess to test authentification and authorisation test server;
  • consultancy and complete 24/7 technical support;
  • any instructions needed for the Internet point of sale set up in line with Visa/MasterCard rules.
To guarantee security to client businesses, Hipotekarna Bank continually develops and supports new technologies as part of its services.

As part of its e-Commerce service, Hipotekarna Bank has 3D Secure Technology impelemented (MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA) – a security standard allowing for the authentification of card holder identity as the payment is made at the Internet point of sale, which constitutes an additional level of protection for the Internet point of sale for both the client and the card holder.

Hipotekarna Bank provides its clients with a secure flow and storage of data.

The security of data in the communication exchange between the Buyer and the Processor is security protected by SSL encription (a data coding process to prevent unauthorised access during data transition).

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