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POS terminals

Boost your sales by introducing a modern collection system!

If you want to boost the turnover in your point of sale, we offer a simple solution for card payment. We provide our clients with POS terminals free of charge, with favourable per transaction fees.

By installing a POS terminal at your point of sale, you show your clients you are a modern company, keeping abreast of your competition and making everyday business operations easier to your staff.

Benefits of POS terminals

  • boost your sale of goods and services
  • fast collection of all the transactions effected
  • simple transactions processing and reduced expenses
  • support and service free of charge
  • simple transactions control
  • usage of terminals free of charge
  • most favourable fees for card payments
Hipotekarna Bank POS terminals allow you to accept all the cards within the systems of Visa (Visa Electron, Visa Classic), MasterCard (MasterCard, Maestro), Diners, Discover and DinaCard, whether issued in the country or abroad.

All users of POS terminals are provided a training for the company staff. POS terminals are installed in the client’s point of sale after the payment card agreement has been concluded with the Bank.

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