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Visa Sprint card

Fastest debit card for all your payments

Visa Sprint Debit payWave is a debit banking card, and the most convenient way for you to have all your money on you at all times, and to keep it secure. You can use this card to pay for goods and services at numerous points of sale accepting Visa cards, and the only limit is your card limit, a sum of your available account balance and your overdraft limit.

In addition to top security chip technology, Visa Sprint Debit is also enabled for payWave contactless payment. Thanks to this technology, your PIN is not needed for your purchases under EUR 15. All you need to do is wave your card next to a payWave enabled POS terminal. Payments above EUR 15 are completed in the same way, but require a PIN code.

Who it is intended for?

Visa Sprint Debit payWave is primarily intended for regular Bank clients, but also for all other adult persons (residents and non-residents in Montenegro) who can become cardholders by simply opening an account with Hipotekarna Bank.

This card allows you to have funds in your account available to you at all times, irrespective of whether you are in Montenegro or abroad. You are free from risk of keeping a large amount of cash with you, and if you need cash, it is readily available by withdrawing cash from a broad ATM network.

Key benefits

  • electronic payment in Montenegro and abroad without any commission or fees
  • cash withdraws at Hipotekarna Bank ATMs are free of charge
  • purchasing over the Internet
  • fast payWave contactless payment
  • overdraft limit on your account
  • option to receive a security SMS message for any completed transaction

How it works?

The card can be used in the network of POS terminals and ATMs across the world, in all acceptance points of sale carrying Visa logo, i.e. in 24 million sales points and 850 thousand ATMs globally.

The card can also be used for online purchases. We recommend that you limit your transactions to websites using the CVV standard for confirmation of cardholder’s identity.

The primary card user is the person who owns the account. Only one primary card can be used with a single account. Several secondary cards may be issued in addition to the primary one, with all the transactions by secondary cards being credited to the account of the primary cardholder. A secondary card may only be issued with the consent of the primary cardholder. Both primary and secondary cards are issued for a term of 3 years and are automatically renewed following this term.

If your card is lost/stolen in Montenegro or abroad, please report it immediately at +382 19905 (available 24/7/365) or at our nearest branch.

Applicable fees

Issuance of cardno fee
Monthly membership feeEUR 0.80
Payment at POS terminalsno fee
Cash withdrawal at Hipotekarna Banka ATMsno fee
Cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks3.00% (min 3 EUR)

Documents required for card issuance:

To be issued a Visa Sprint Debit payWave card, please submit the following documents at any of our branches:
  • filled out application form for Visa Sprint Debit payWave card
  • photocopy of a personal document (personal ID or passport)
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