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Cumulative savings

Save as much as you can and when you can!

Cumulative saving is a savings scheme allowing you to make multiple deposits into your account during the agreed period. This way, you invest in savings depending on available assets, and the interest at variable rate is accrued onto the total balance.

Benefits of cumulative savings

  • you select the amount and the dynamics of deposits according to your possibilities
  • minimum initial deposit is EUR 20 only
  • amount of further deposits is not set by the Bank
  • option to make deposits via free permanent payment order directly from your current account
  • client need not visit the bank for a term deposit rollover upon maturity
  • deposit may serve as a loan security

One can withdraw from a term deposit before maturity, subject to Bank consent and following the client’s request in writing.

If the client does not cancel his Term Deposit Agreement within not later than 3 days of the date of term expiry (prolongation term), the Bank will rollover the term deposit for the same term on the terms applicable on the date of rollover.

On the maturity date, interest accrued is added to the previous deposit or transferred onto the selected current account.

Cumulative savings interest rates, for deposits up to €50,000.00

3 months0.10%
6 months0.45%
12 months1.75%
24 months2.00%
36 months+2.10%

Cumulative savings interest rates, for deposits from €50,000.01 to €100,000.00

3 months0.05%
6 months0.35%
12 months1.10%
24 months1.20%
36 months+1.50%

Cumulative savings interest rates, for deposits in US dollars

3 months0.01%
6 months0.05%
12 months0.80%
24 months0.90%

Cumulative savings interest rates, for deposits in other currencies (AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP)

3 months0.01%
6 months0.05%
12 months0.25%
24 months0.30%

*Interest rates on all deposits are indicated as annual rates.
**The Bank calculates interest on term deposits at the interest rate which is subject to change as per Hipotekarna Bank ad Podgorica Resolution on Interest Rates.
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