2018-07-06Media announcement: Hipotekarna banka has opened a new branch office in Budva
2018-07-03Prize winners of Mastercard giveaway contest "FROM BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE TO RED CARPET"
2018-06-20MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT – Donation to Nina Bošković
2018-05-14Hipotekarna bank received an award from EBRD (European bank for Reconstruction and Development)
2018-05-25BANK&SHOP – New open space office of HB in Delta City
2018-05-29RULES of Giveaway contest for Mastercard cardholders:  From black and white movie to Red carper
2018-05-29NOTIFICATION on convening the XX regular General Meeting of Shareholders of Hipotekarna bank
2018-04-30Notice - the change of Hipotekarna bank's branch office in Herceg Novi
2018-02-23Panel discussion: ''Live locally, learn globally''
2017-11-21Hipotekarna bank and Crnogorski Telekom presented their new co-product - Premium Gift Card
2017-10-31Announcement: Savings week from 31st October until 6th November
2017-10-27Celebrating 6 years of Premium Programme
2017-10-18New interest rates on USD savings
2017-10-13Announcement: Limited use of ATM cards overseas
2017-08-30 Primary schoolers get 100 textbook sets in donation
2017-07-27 The Second Issuance of Hipotekarna Bank Subordinated Bonds
2017-06-20Consumer Loans at your fingertips: Hipotekarna Bank and Tehnomax
2017-06-14Premium Shopping Night
2017-05-27ANNOUNCEMENT on XIX regular session convened
2017-05-20Еuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development awards Hipotekarna Bank
2017-05-19„Swipe your card – win a trip“: ALL WINNERS DRAWN
2017-03-15Over 100 clients taking part in "How to boost online sales" workshop
2017-03-09Workshop: How to boost online sales?
2017-03-01Announcement: Transfer of Funds (HBklik, mHBklik and mPremium)
2017-02-28Electronic/Mobile banking - new functionalities
2017-01-263D Secure - Secure online purchases service free of charge
2017-01-24Governor of CBMN meets Hipotekarna Bank AD Podgorica management
2016-12-12ISKRA for Hipotekarna Bank
 2016-12-01Cineplexx MasterCard Special Offer
2016-11-01Hipotekarna Bank and Telekom donate instruments to the Gyneacology Clinic
2016-11-01Hipotekarna Bank a Patron to the Montenegro National Theatre
2016-10-31Announcement: The Savings Week from 31 Oct to 6 Nov
2016-09-21Superior banking
2016-09-06Hipotekarna Bank for Primary Schoolers
2016-09-01Announcement: Tender Invitation for the Appointment of an External Auditor for 2016
2016-07-25Announcement: Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
2016-07-04Electronic and mobile banking HB and mHB click
2016-06-29Premium action: Telephones paid in installments, no contractual obligations
2016-06-16PREMIUM Shopping Day
2016-06-13Independent Auditors Report 2015
2016-06-01Hipotekarna Bank with Made in New York Jazz Festival, Montenegro 2016!
2016-05-30Announcement - payment of bond interest
2016-05-27ANNOUNCEMENT on XVIII regular session convened
2016-05-20Super senior loans of up to €15,000 for pensioners
2016-05-20Committed to promoting the community
2016-05-13New Premium Offer: Premium & Cineplexx
2016-03-31GOOD SEASON - Loans for a better tourist offer
2016-04-05Support to the Institute of Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
2016-02-15Donation to the Clinical Centre of Montenegro
2016-03-07Basketball Camp Kolasin 2016
2016-03-18Laureates PRO.PR Vision City and Vision Manager
2016-03-21XL loan package
2015-10-01A creative mind and a big heart of our award winner
2015-08-03A bridge made of flowers, love and friendship
2015-09-02Textbook donations to pupils
2015-10-13NEW HB klik - e-banking
2015-04-16Scholarships awarded
2015-04-06Hipotekarna Bank donated 10,000 euros for the construction of a pool in Niksic
2015-02-26Summer Internship Programme
2015-02-19Hipotekarna bank donated €20,000 for reanomobile
2014-12-18Hipotekarna Bank donated 9 sets of 25 books each to educational institutions and libraries across Montenegro
2014-10-31A Savings Week
2014-05-19Hipotekarna Bank donates 10,000 EUR as part of HUMANITARIAN AID #DEVOTEDTOYOU
2014-05-19Assistance to emergency victims in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina